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Welding Ventilation Units

Effective ventilation systems are designed to minimize the effects of dust, smoke, and welding fumes and keep the air in your workspaces clean and healthy.

cleanairtower air ventilation unit by kemper america

Benefits of Kemper's Ventilation Systems

  • Kemper systems overcome the problems of dust, smoke layers, and harmful fumes
  • Kemper ventilation systems help to maintain optimum health protection
  • CleanAirTowers work wherever local exhaust ventilation isn’t possible
  • CleanAirTowers recirculate purified air without creating air turbulence
  • CleanAirTowers protect employees and machines from fine dust
  • CleanAirTowers are ideal when there are changing sources of pollution
  • KemJET 9000 is perfect for large workplaces where welding positions change often
  • KemJET indoor units have high-performance nozzles to distribute purified air
  • SparkTraps reduce the risk of filter fires and prolong the life of filters


Kemper has a proven range of air purification equipment that offers solutions for ventilation in the welding industry. Even when local exhaust solutions are problematic, Kemper equipment will provide you with what you need to counter the issues of smoke layers, welding fumes, dust, and smoke. There is a solution for every metal fabricating process as well as all environmental size and space issues.

CleanAirTowers are key in the industry where local exhaust equipment isn’t possible. They also supplement local exhaust ventilation. Kemper KemJET ventilation systems are ideal for large workplaces that cater to welding positions that change often. SparkTrap deals with problematic flying sparks, glowing particles, and large amounts of dust. PlasmaFil systems add to the mix.