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KEMPER has you covered with central extraction units for your entire space.

kemper america central welding fume extraction unit

Benefits of KEMPER Central Welding Extraction Systems

  • Central extraction units are designed to effectively remove welding smoke, harmful fumes, and dust particles from the air
  • KEMPER offers a wide choice of models offering different extraction capacities to meet all needs
  • All central welding extraction equipment is reliable and robust
  • There are units suited to every possible welding environment, from individual workstations to large welding centers and even outdoor environments
  • Filters used with WeldFil equipment can separate minute matter that is even below 0.1 µm
  • WeldFil equipment is modular and can be used to grow extraction systems as required
  • KEMPER ventilation systems are highly effective when local exhaust ventilation systems aren’t
  • The KemJet range purifies the air and doubles as a heating system in winter, which can save energy costs

Central Extraction Units for Welding Operations

The healthy functionality of any welding workshop or workstation depends on solutions that replace the air contaminated with welding fumes and other pollutants with the best possible fresh air. It’s essential to the health of everyone who works there and the enduring condition of machinery.

KEMPER has the answer in its reliable range of central extraction units. They are designed with variable specifications to ensure there is a product to meet every possible need. Whatever your needs, you can count on KEMPER to deliver the best quality combined with the reliability our customers have learned to trust.