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Mobile Smoke &
Fume Extraction Units

When mobility is a requirement, Kemper has you covered.

mobile welding fume extraction units

Benefits of Mobile Welding Fume Extraction Systems

  • All mobile units effectively remove harmful fumes and dust from the air
  • Different extraction unit types cater for varying levels of smoke and dust to suit all needs
  • Mobility and portability vary to suit the needs of all welding workplaces
  • Some units can be used in a 360-degree radius
  • Models with pressure-controlled, automatic-cleaning filters are ideal for extracting major fumes
  • Units with economical manual filter cleaning work well for extraction of low to medium fumes
  • Systems range from those suitable for regular use to those that are ideal for sporadic use
  • You can choose a torch-extraction model designed for frequently changing workspaces

Mobile Extraction Units for Welding Operations

Every welding workshop and mobile workstation generates varying levels of dust and fumes. The only way to ensure a healthy working environment is to use highly efficient extraction units to replace the contaminated air with quality fresh air.

Kemper has the answer in its wide range of mobile equipment. Specifications vary, but all the units offer solutions that will optimize the health and safety of your employees. Whatever your welding fume extraction needs, you can count on the quality and reliability of Kemper equipment.