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Industrial Air Purification Systems

Innovative ventilation systems to keep your workplace air clean and healthy, and equipment that will constantly filter out harmful aerosols, bacteria, and viruses.

cleanairtower air ventilation unit by kemper america

Benefits of Kemper’s Industrial Air Purification Systems

  • Kemper industrial air purification systems help to maintain clean air and optimize health protection
  • AirCO2NTROL incorporates a 99.995% effective HEPA filter that uses the best technology without chemicals or ozone
  • AirCO2NTROL measures minute particles that the naked eye cannot see
  • AirCO2NTROL has an optional filter that will stop bacteria and viruses from developing
  • AirCO2NTROL is a plug-and-play device that operates continuously but is quieter than your refrigerator
  • CleanAirTowers purify the ambient air and recycle it, protecting employees and machines from fine dust
  • CleanAirTowers work well in environments where local exhaust ventilation isn’t possible
  • CleanAirTowers are an ideal solution for industries that experience changing sources of pollution

Air Purification Systems for Industrial Manufacturing

Kemper America’s industrial air purification systems for manufacturing are incredibly effective and will give you and your employees constant peace of mind.

The AirCO2NTROL Air Purifier is ideal for any environment affected by contaminants and pollutants. It improves the quality of air quietly and continuously, significantly reducing the risks of infection from viruses and bacteria.

The CleanAirTowers protect employees and machinery by removing fine dust and other particles and recirculating purified air.